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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skincare for Babies: The Benefits of Essential Oils

Just launched - the starter kit from the new Thea Skincare natural Mother and Baby range!

I love Essential Oils and the more I learn about them the more I fall in love with them! Essential Oils offer natural scents that no artificial fragrance can compete with. So what are these Essential Oils? They are simply plant-based, concentrated oils offering pure goodness, each with their own set of beneficial properties.
Thea Baby Naturals is a wonderful range of  Natural and Organic baby products made using the purest of Essential Oils specifically formulated for babies and young children. Not only are they Paraben and Sulphate Free, they are pH balanced, totally chemical free and have not been tested on animals. Thea Skincare Baby Naturals products really are the leaders of a new generation of ethical, safe and nutrient-rich baby products.

"Thea Skincare baby products only 

contain Essential Oils... that are totally safe 

and suitable for use on newborns, 

babies and toddlers." 
Thea Skincare baby products only contain Essential Oils that have calming, soothing and healing properties and are totally safe and suitable for use on newborns, babies and toddlers. It is important to recognise that some Essential Oils are not suitable for newborns because they can be too strong. Thea Baby Naturals contain a blend of natural essential oils which have been specifically designed and formulated for babies and young children.
Two of my favourites Essential Oils are Lavender and Chamomile - both are fantastic natural oils for anyone right through from newborn babies to older children. Organic Lavender essential oil is pure magic and just right for babies in small amounts. It's soothing, healing and gentle on the skin. It aids sleep not just for babies and children but for adults too, hence it is ideal for both Mother and Baby alike. Chamomile fights off infections and is relaxing and soothing too. It's often drunk by adults as a bed-time drink so using Chamomile can also help to encourage restless babies to sleep!

Thea Baby Naturals Jojoba & Chamomile 2-in-1 Baby Shampoo ONLY £6.95

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Not sure what to buy? Try this luxurious Starter Kit - currently on offer at just £29.95 it contains a selection of six products from baby shampoo to nappy creme. It comes gift-wrapped and is the perfect maternity gift for a new Mum-to-be!

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