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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a Natural Baby Thing

Some of the lovely skincare products from the soon-to-launch Mother & Baby range at Thea Skincare

I remember when I was expecting my first child I was full of apprehension about which Skincare Products to use on my changing skin. I was becoming more aware of chemicals in the vast range of Skincare Products on the market and only wanted to use natural ingredients, as I did not want to affect my baby with any chemicals that I put on my skin.

I was less aware of the potential harmful affects of Parabens and Sulphates at that time as I am now, so I just tried to avoid buying Skincare Products loaded with chemicals.

The other thing I was concerned about was the dreaded stretch marks, every pregnant woman's nightmare. If you're really lucky you can avoid getting them but not many of us do.

My mum was great she said that I should use a cocktail of Coconut and Olive Oil and massage it into my tummy twice a day, which really helped - thank goodness for such powerful Natural and Organic ingredients!

Thea Skincare has an revolutionary Hip, Thigh and Tummy Butter which is great for stretch marks and cellulite. It's also a brilliant Organic Moisturiser and body butter that is ideal for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

When I created Thea, one of the ranges I was partiularly passionate about developing was a totally Chemical Free, gentle and organic enriched skincare range for both Mothers and Babies. Thea Baby Naturals was born. Thea Mother and Baby products are 100% Natural Skincare Products, vegan friendly, organically enriched and totally Chemical Free.

Thea formulations are dermatologically and scientifically tested, 100% cruelty, Paraben and Sulphate Free with mild formulations designed to suit even the most sensitive of skins, right from newborn to toddlers. All Thea Skincare Mother and Baby Products are enriched with vitamins and essential oils are carefully pH balanced to ensure you protect and nourish both yours and your infant's skin.